Valerie Ormond And Believing In Horses

Believing In Horses tells the story of a young girl in a military family who commits to saving unwanted horses!

About the author…
Author, retired Navy Captain, horsegirl and volunteer, Valerie Ormond, stopped by the HorseGirlTV studios recently to chat about her new book, Believing in Horses. Valerie spent the majority of her adult life as a Naval Intelligence Officer. The daughter of two English majors, and an English major herself, she always had a great interest in books and writing. Just prior to her retirement from the Navy, someone suggested she turn an idea she had into a book, and from there her second career began. In addition to riding and writing, Valerie is on the board of the Maryland Horse Council, and spent time working with Thoroughbred Placement and Rescue, Inc., Freedom Hill Horse Rescue and Loftmar Stables.

About the book…
Horse crazy Sadie moves for the sixth time to Bowie, Maryland, only to find out that her Navy dad is deploying to Afghanistan for a year. To ease the transition, Sadie’s parents reward her with her dream of a lifetime, her own horse. “Lucky,” her beautiful tri-color pinto, quickly becomes her best friend and equine learning partner. Via the internet, Lucky and Sadie come across ten horses in a holding pen waiting to be sold at auction, and commit to saving them. Sadie’s efforts include proposals to horse rescues, grass roots lobbying, a media appearance, school help, and various other efforts to accomplish her mission in a few short months. Along the way, Sadie meets both good and bad people, and experiences joy, fear, disappointment, self-doubt, lost horses, and a level of responsibility she has never known before.

Want to know more?..
To learn more about Valerie or her book Believing in Horses you can check out her website at Thanks so much for coming on the show and sharing the story of your inspiring book Believing in Horses with us. We can’t wait to see Believing in Horses Too! Thanks Valerie!

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  1. carrie says:

    thanks for interviewing her. i’ve read believing in horses and it’s super. excited to here there’s another one coming!