Dressing For The Hunt

Fox hunting, fox chasing, drag hunting?.. Everyone must dress for the event!

What attire is required for fox hunting? Can I use some of my show jumping, dressage or eventing attire for fox hunting? Does the dress vary from hunt? Why do fox hunters wear a stock tie? Why those brick colored breeches in Virginia? These questions and more will be answered in this episode of HorseGirlTV. Angelea visits “the” fox hunting store in Virginia, Horse Country, and the other 48 for that matter! Wendy, Horse Country’s Sales Manager (& resident fox hunting habit expert), talks with Angelea about the ins and outs of fox hunt attire and helps her get set up for the next installment of our fox hunting series… Stayed tuned as Angelea will be going fox hunting!

This is an incredibly welcoming community or sport horse enthusiasts. Here are only a few places to stop off on your search to learn more about fox hunting in America. Stayed tuned for more in this series!

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