International Dressage With Oded Shimoni

A familiar face on the International Dressage scene, Oded Shimoni, is a veteran of three World Equestrian Games, two European Championships and has qualified two horses for the Olympic Games.

Oded Shimoni Dressage is located at Tuny Page’s world-class facility, Stillpoint Farm in Wellington, Florida year round.

Along with extensive experience and consistent success, Oded always brings a sense of adventure to his training sessions. His love of the sport and enthusiasm is not lost on his students, whether two-legged or four!

In the highly competitive world of international horse sports, US-based Shimoni has reached levels achieved by only a handful of dressage riders in the world. He has had many successes for his native country of Isreal.

His work with notable trainers such as George Whal, Conrad Schumacher, David Pincus of the Spanish Riding School, and Hubertus Schmidt have added to the knowledge Oded gained from personal experience.

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