American Competitive Trail Horse Association: Singer/Songwriter Mary Ann Kennedy joins ACTHA to help their cause for the unwanted horse.

5 August 2010 • News

Successful Fairview, TN, Singer/Songwriter Mary Ann Kennedy has joined the growing list of ACTHA sponsors to help promote the Great American Trail Horse, and to enable the humane treatment of horses in need.

Mary Ann Kennedy will not only donate music to the Competitive Trail Challenge prize pool, she will also assist and perform at local rides, where her busy schedule permits. ACTHA is thrilled to have Mary Ann join the ACTHA team. Tom Scrima, General Manager of ACTHA states ‘ACTHA is extremely excited to have the talent of Mary Ann Kennedy aboard. Mary Ann shares the same passion with her horses, as everyone at ACTHA, and we are all committed to do something good together, for the good of our noble equine companion’.

Mary Ann states “I have 2 passions in my life. The love of horses and animals, and the love of music. My CD’s “The Trail Less Traveled”, “Hoofbeats, Heartbeats & Wings” , “The Rhythm of the Ride” and the latest release ” Who Saved Who”, embraces them both. My two soul animals: my dear pug, Choy, and the colt I raised, Tonka, shared a birthday on May 16th. Choy was 15 years old and Tonka was 9 when their souls flew away together in August of 2000. Through my deep grief, little did I know that they would inspire a whole new chapter in my life. I began writing songs about them and other animal loves of my life. Death and rebirth, the circle of life…it is amazing and I continue to be grateful. They are now my angels, they’re ‘not really gone’. My hope is that hearing this music will inspire healing, joy and celebration of life.” Says Mary Ann Kennedy

When asked about Mary Ann’s passion for horses, Country Singer Emmylou Harris shares “We share a passion for music, and have been fortunate enough to make our “living” at it. But, we also share another passion, a deep love for animals, all animals and especially the ones who have graced our lives by their presence in our lives. Mary Ann’s music’ celebrates that grace and the special relationship we have with these beings that bring us closer to our humanity by showing us love that is truly unconditional.  This music is for anyone who has been down that trail.  We still have a long way to go, but thanks to Mary Ann, we now have a soundtrack for the journey.”

ACTHA Members will soon be able to listen to the music of Mary Ann Kennedy. They will be able to hear sample music and buy her Albums on the ACTHA website as part of the Competitive Trail Challenge prize pool. To read more about Mary Ann, you can visit her website at: .

ACTHA would like to thank these sponsors for their support : Cavallo Horse & Rider, , Tucker Trail Saddles ,Robart Patented Bits, Vetericyn , eZall , Life Data Labs, Muddy Creek Rain Gear , Monty Roberts, Clinton Anderson/ Downunder Horsemanship, US Horse Biz , Horse Colic Relief , Daily 72, Trail Blazer, Rick Lamb & The Horse Show , Total Health Enhancement , TrailtownUSA , Equestrian Singles/Equestrian Friends, , Horse Trader Magazine , Mustang Heritage Foundation , Best of America By Horseback. Trail Rider Magazine, Wetheridge Farms,

For information, please contact:

Tammy Sronce

American Competitive Trail Horse Association


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