Winners Announced! Better Late Than Never!

April 17, 2017By AngeleaAngelea's Blog 4 Comments

What about the winners AKA I dropped the ball? Since 2007, I’ve managed HorseGirlTV solo (less the amazing artistry and editing of Mr. Brent Streeper) and I’ve been organized and on time and always been good about contacting winners of contests. Insert the amazing folks at Spalding Labs bringing it back in the form of … Read More

WIN The Twelve Days of HorseGirlTV!

December 14, 2016By AngeleaAngelea's Blog 112 Comments

No matter what you celebrate this winter season… me and HorseGirlTV are here to fill it with some cheery horsey gifts via the 12 Days of HorseGirlTV by GIVING AWAY $1100 worth of products! Entering is FREE & EASY + there’s THREE ways to enter! The contest starts NOW and the first name will be … Read More

Our Prize Package WINNERS Announced!

November 26, 2016By AngeleaAngelea's Blog No Comments

We partnered with and the awesome folks at Spalding Labs® and Absorbine® to give away TWO $150 prize packages! Entering was easy. ANY order placed between October Spalding eNews launch and November 5th, 2016 was auto entered. All you had to do was renew your Fly Predators® for next season (and get your early renewal … Read More

Leftover Turkey Curry Croissant Sandwich

November 25, 2016By AngeleaAngelea's Blog No Comments

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time of year. Fall has set in but, for most of us, the extreme cold weather hasn’t yet. Thanksgiving Dinner is equally awesome and then there’s the fun leftovers. For years I ate many a turkey cranberry sandwich and still thoroughly enjoy them but in the last couple of years … Read More

Splendid Time at Equine Affaire with Spalding Peeps

November 14, 2016By AngeleaAngelea's Blog No Comments

HorseGirlTV Livestream Producer, Michael Rand (Motion Road), and I kicked up our heels at “The Big E” in Springfield, Mass this past weekend with the awesome people from Spalding Fly Predators at Equine Affaire. Larry, Dawn, and Sonny are the sweetest! They were there offering super kewl Early Ordering Bonus and giving away FREE Magazine … Read More

Photoshoot with Michael Winters

October 24, 2016By AngeleaAngelea's Blog No Comments

I had the honor this past weekend to work with the amazingly talented photographer, Michael Winters. Michael is well known for his highly stylized work yet was kind enough to shoot a “normal” afternoon with me. Make up is by Laurie Hoey and apparel thanks to Animo Italia and helmets courtesy of Antares Sellier. THANKS! … Read More

Game of Drones

October 12, 2016By AngeleaAngelea's Blog No Comments

“Let’s get a few minutes of drone footage.” Michael says, smile wider than a boy after opening his first toy train on Christmas morning. “Ummm. That’ll freak out the horses.” I reply. The conversation about his experience working with the Girl Scouts of America and their horses for a drone shoot ensued and I’m convinced … Read More