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AMAZING documentary on Totilas with English Subtitles! MUST WATCH!

16 October 2014 • Blogs, VideosComments Off

 watched this wonderful documentary here in the Netherlands on Totilas last month. Of course here, it was in Dutch and no need for subtitles so my friend did a little of the translations. It’s very nice now there is an online version of this piece with English subtitles. It’s a special story of this brilliant …

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And Then There’s Dressage by Eddie Izzard

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Interviewing International Spanish Rider, Enrique Cruces, in Holland

13 October 2014 • Angelea's Blog, Blogs, GuestsComments Off

Not only was it beautiful in Holland this past weekend but I got to see a friend I have not visited in many years, Enrique Cruces. Besides being a wonderful and fun person, Enrique is a super talented dressage rider and coach. He came to Holland to teach a


Where Have All the Apples Gone?

9 September 2014 • Blogs, NewsComments Off

by Tigger Montague n the 1800’s America possessed more varieties of apples than any other country in the world, each variety adapted to the local climate and food needs. Up until the early 1900’s, the U.S had approximately 2,500 varieties of apples. Most


War Horse Ride 2014 Commemorating World War One

1 September 2014 • Blogs, News, VideosComments Off

A ride to commemorate the crucial role played by the British and French cavalry in World War One is due to end in the French town of Nery. The War Horse Ride 2014 started in Maroilles on 27 August with 35 riders travelling 100 miles across France. Their route


Parelli Natural Horsemanship Releases The Scale of Training in Action

29 August 2014 • Blogs, NewsComments Off

Christoph Hess coaches students and world-class equestrians through Classical Training Scale arelli Natural Horsemanship has expanded upon its successful Scale of Training DVD series with The Scale of Training in Action. Christoph Hess, acclaimed FEI dressage


Trick Horse Training Camp October 8 through 11th

28 August 2014 • Blogs, NewsComments Off

ant to have more fun with your horse and learn to hear what he’s saying to you? Imagine A Horse is now taking reservations for the October 2014 Trick Horse Training Camp. Co-founder Suzanne De Laurentis said “If you’re looking to strengthen the


Equine Emergency Preparedness and Large Animal Rescue Training: The Difference between Life and Death

25 August 2014 • Blogs, NewsComments Off

mergencies involving horses and other large animals can happen anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s an overturned trailer on the highway, a horse stuck in the mud or rescuing animals from a barn fire, learning how to prevent equine emergencies and being prepared


Prairie Oat Growers Association Awards Second Oat Research Grant

22 August 2014 • Blogs, NewsComments Off

Dr. Lori Warren of the University of Florida Will Study Beta-Glucan he Prairie Oat Growers Association (POGA) today announced its second oat research grant. Dr. Lori Warren of the University of Florida will receive more than $146,000 in funding for a two-year


Daily Drive to the Stable in the Netherlands #Dressage

21 August 2014 • Blogs, VideosComments Off

Each and every morning, I drive to the stable. It’s been a daily occurrence that just past the southern Eindhoven roundabout I hear a song on the radio that’s a huge pick me up. I think of the variety of amazing people in my life. I smile and


FITS announces five riders selected for 2014 WEG

21 August 2014 • Blogs, NewsComments Off

lite FITS riders to represent US, Canada at the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games FITS, inventor of the most athletically advanced riding breech on the market, is proud to announce that five of FITS team of elite riders have been selected to represent


About Top Trail Horse Website

20 August 2014 • Blogs, NewsComments Off

by Troy Lynn Norris op Trail Horse ( is an online mileage program for the American Trail Horse on the Open Trail ( website. Open Trail and Top Trail Horse are quickly becoming the hub of trail riding activity with our


Sayings one could ONLY get away with in a horse barn!

19 August 2014 • Angelea's Blog, Blogs, FeaturedComments Off

These are SERIOUSLY funny but not for the faint of heart. I’m gonna get off now. He’s a bit of a bumpy ride, just try not to grip with your thighs too much. I didn’t recognize you in clothes! I need spurs and a whip to really get him going.


A tired horse is a good horse is NOT true

18 August 2014 • Blogs, FeaturedComments Off

by Don Blazer “A tired horse is a good horse,” claims a high-profile clinician. Well intentioned, but bad advice. A tired horse is a tired horse. He isn’t anything other than what he was, except tired. The “tired horse is a good horse” advice was in


What is cowboy dressage?

15 August 2014 • Blogs, FeaturedComments Off

The ‘soft feel’ discipline on fire in the world of Western riding The dream of being a cowboy and living the code of the American West was a childhood passion in the hearts of two extraordinary individuals born, not in different states, but on different