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Does Ground Flaxseed Color Matter?

24 July 2014 • Featured, NewsComments Off

The benefits of ground flaxseeds are numerous. They are a good source of protein, boosting the overall amino acid pool available for tissue synthesis and repair. They contain vitamins and trace minerals. Their high lignan content (not to be confused with lignin, an indigestible fiber) gives your horse antioxidant protection against disease. And most of

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Equine Welfare is Everyone’s Responsibility

22 July 2014 • Featured, NewsComments Off

The plight of the unwanted or neglected horse is a growing welfare issue in this country. Seldom does a week go by without a publicized horse welfare issue in some form of neglect, abuse, or abandonment. With an aim to provide a greater foundation of


Looking for an outstanding Spanish Pre Andalusian, also known as the Pure Spanish Horse or PRE (Pura Raza Española)?

21 July 2014 • Featured, NewsComments Off

by Gina McKnight Looking for an outstanding Spanish Pre Andalusian, also known as the Pure Spanish Horse or PRE (Pura Raza Española)? Introducing Yeguada Diecisiete (Seventeen Stud)! Purebred Spanish line from the Military Stud, located in the Sierra Norte


Salts of the Earth by Tigger Montague

9 July 2014 • Blogs, NewsComments Off

by Tigger Montague alt is a vitally important element for horses. It consists of the electrolyte minerals sodium and chloride. These two minerals play critical roles in fluid balance and the pH of all cells. All salt originated as sea salt. Even salt that is


Just in Time for Competition Season – ShowSheen® Celebrates 40 Years

22 June 2014 • NewsComments Off

Keeping coats healthy and manes and tails tangle-free since the 1970’s he 122-year history behind Absorbine®’s dedication to horse care is largely rooted in grooming excellence. ShowSheen® Hair Polish & Detangler revolutionized the grooming category


Slip A short story by Karen McGoldrick

20 June 2014 • Blogs, NewsComments Off

Buy this short story → Slip by Karen McGoldrick ← NOW from the author of The Dressage Chronicles! Patsy thought about her life with horses. She thought about how a rider’s life is measured out in horses. Each measure begins with the first sighting, the


W.F. Young Introduces Absorbine Botanicals™ Natural Herbal Liniment

18 June 2014 • NewsComments Off

A new, cooling blend of 12 herbs and essential oils revolutionizes the liniment category hen it comes to soothing sore muscles and tendons, horse owners have trusted Absorbine® liniments since 1892. Now, the muscle and joint care experts at W.F. Young have


Special Honored Guest Carson Kressley at BreyerFest

18 June 2014 • Celebrities, NewsComments Off

Emmy Award-winning television star, fashion designer and acclaimed horseman Carson Kressley was honored as a special guest at the 25th annual BreyerFest, July 11-13 in Lexington, KY where he presented the Celebration Horse Gooitzen fan Teaksyl, a champion


Introducing Two Top Supplements from Absorbine® Bute-Less™ and Absorbine® More Muscle® Maximize

26 May 2014 • NewsComments Off

Two muscle and joint care supplements re-launched under the Absorbine® brand xpanding on a long-trusted line of muscle and joint care products that began with Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment in 1892, W.F. Young, Inc. is proud to introduce two supplements for


What are the real costs of horse ownership?

23 May 2014 • Blogs, Featured, NewsComments Off

It is often said that if you ask a question to ten horse owners, you will get ten different answers. However, one thing we can all agree upon is that horses are expensive! Affording the initial purchase cost is the least of expenses. Calculating the


A New Goal for Amateurs in Dressage

18 May 2014 • Blogs, NewsComments Off

by Janine Malone with Rosinburg Events id you hear about the US Dressage Finals held last November at the Kentucky Horse Park (KHP)? I was there and I’m pleased to say it was a fantastic experience! I was chairman of the show’s Organizing Committee and


Stop Horse Slaughter

16 May 2014 • Featured, NewsComments Off

The spending bill passed this evening by the Senate, and that cleared the House yesterday, includes a provision that halts any efforts to resume slaughtering horses for human consumption on U.S. soil. The legislation, which President Obama will sign in the


What You Don’t Know About Vitamin E

14 May 2014 • Blogs, Featured, NewsComments Off

Palm oil is among the current sources of “natural” vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) used in foods and supplements. Other common sources include soy and vegetable oil. Palm oil is not only a source of vitamin E, it is also a source of Vitamin A Palmitate


Read Breeding Ground by Sally Wright, Edgar Finalist Lexington Horse Mystery

8 May 2014 • Blogs, Featured, NewsComments Off

Buy your copy of Breeding Ground NOW! Breeding Ground – Edgar Finalist Sally Wright’s Lexington Horse Mystery Jo Grant, the fictional storyteller (a woman architect, running her family’s Thoroughbred breeding farm) writes in Breeding Ground’s


Do you want to learn to trick ride and train?

1 May 2014 • Blogs, Featured, NewsComments Off

Trick Horse Training Camp May 2014 dates Imagine A Horse is taking reservations for the second Trick Horse Training Camp of 2014, May 14th through 17th.. Co-founder Suzanne De Laurentis said “Modern Trick Horse Training is about creating a more intelligent,