How To Build A Jump

1 August 2011 • Episodes, Featured, HorseGirlTV® Classics, Videos

A few simple tools and steps and you’ll be ready to jump a course!

HorseGirlTV® gets tons of fan mail with many questions about horse management and training. This was a great question from Ludy in Arizona. Ludy asks, “How do you build a jump?” You’ll need some materials including jump cups. We bought Perri’s Leather jump cups from Equestrian Collections. To buy the jump cups we did, just CLICK HERE. Thanks for the question Ludy! Now here’s your answer!

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How To Build A Jump

ANGELEA WALKUP, HORSEGIRLTV® HOST: This is HorseGirlTV® and I’m your host, Angelea Walkup. Today we’re gonna show you how to make some jumps.

ANGELEA: You’ll need a few materials and tools to make yourself a set of jumps. A saw. A chainsaw or a circular saw. A drill with quarter inch and half inch bits. One 4x4x8. Two 2x6x8s. One pole. One pair of jump cups of course. A measuring tape. A straight edge and a pen or a pencil and one box of wood screws. And of course you don’t want to forget your eye protection.

ANGELEA: First prop the 4×4 beam off the ground, measure and saw it into two 48 inch halves. Next measure 18 inches away from the bottom of each 4×4 you just cut. Mark the jump cup holes around the fittings for your particular cups. Mark every three inches until you get to the top. Using your quarter inch drill bit, make a hole at each mark all the way through the beam. Then switch to the half inch bit and widen each existing hole. Then prop your 2×6 plank off the ground measuring and marking every twenty inches. Using the saw to cut the board in four pieces, these will become your jump feet. Repeat with your other 2×6 board. Now prop one of your 4x4s so one of the 2×6 twenty inch boards lines up just a hair off the 90 degree angle along the bottom. Screw the 2×6 to the base of the 4×4. Then you rotate the beam and continue mounting the other 3 feet in a pinwheel pattern using approximately 2-3 screws for each 2×6. Now just set up your new standard to make sure it’s sturdy and mount a jump cup to check the fit through the holes.

ANGELEA: It’s as easy at that. Just finish your second standard and then get tacked up to try out your new jump but remember, safety first, grab that helmet! Well it’s as simple as that for this episode. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next time.

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6 Responses to How To Build A Jump

  1. Team HorseGirlTV says:

    Thanks for the comment Leslie! Not sure what you mean by “adjustable by rotating” but you can just drill your holes low to the ground and buy the Perri’s molded jump cups ( that are really easy to adjust. It’s a good idea for the series to produce a basic, how to for setting up a dressage court! Thanks for the idea! For now you can check out these 3 about footing, building a dressage court and putting in drainage,, and Please keep checking back in 2012 as your idea for the how to for basic dressage court straightness, etc is SUPER! Thank you again!

  2. Leslie Alexander says:

    Hi!! Boy was I delighted to see the jumps as most horse people are smaller horse farm people. My question as a doityourselfer is how do I make cavalletti that have 3small different heights adjustable by rotating? Thanks for considering this question. Oh while I am at it is there an easy way to build a dressage arena. I know I have push in ground letters correct but trying to get squared arena in proper dimensions. Well many blessings to you this holiday season!

  3. Angelea says:

    Thanks Melanie! SOOOO glad you liked it! That was a really fun episode to shoot! – Angelea

  4. Melanie says:

    That was great Angelea! Joel, I loved how fast you were with your drill. You two make a great pair.

  5. Team HorseGirlTV says:

    You’re very welcome! Thanks or watching Jeremy!

  6. Jeremy P says:

    GREAT step-by-step! Thnx Angelea and HorseGirlTV!

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