Tune in. Tack up.® With Shannon Dahmer

22 April 2010 • Tune in. Tack up.®

Q: Tell us about the horse you’ve felt the most connected to and why.
A: My horse Viva Las Vegas (Vegas). I bought him from Yarbrough Acres when he was 4 mos old. I raised him, started him, and trained him up to grand prix dressage. He truly is my horse of a life time. He has been champion or res champion in all the USDF championships from training level through intermediare 2. This is year is going to be his debut at grand prix. He also qualified for the National Developing Horse Championships in KY. He ended up 9th overall and he was the highest placed U.S. bred horse. The best part was the journey that we made together. It is really funny when people ask me where I imported him from? I get to say, Ft Lupton, CO. We have a true partnership with a ton of trust! We accomplished a lot together with the best yet to come. You have to dream big.

Q: What’s the latest movie you’ve seen?
A: Valentine’s Day. It was very cute.

Q: If you were a candy/sweets/chocolate, what would you be?
A: Well, I love KitKats. I guess I would be a KitKat – smooth, crisp and chocolatey.

Q: Do you have a good luck charm?
A: I do have a favorite stock pin I like to wear. I make sure I have that particular pin on for the big competitions. Of course, it has some Denver Broncos colors in it.

Q: What’s a career highlight your personally most proud of?
A: Probably qualifying for the USEF National Developing Horse Championships and competing at it. It was a great experience with the nation’s top young horses.

Q: What non-horsey sports are you a big fan of?
A: I love to watch football. I’m a huge Denver Broncos fan. I also love to go skiing, ice skating, rafting and rowing. I do love a good game of volleyball too.

Q: What three things would you bring if you were stranded on a deserted island?
A: Radio with tons of batteries, my horse so I could ride on the beach and my dogs.

Q: Coffee or tea?
A: Coffee. I love a grande, non-fat, stirred caramel macchiato.

Q: What is your favorite HorseGirl TV episode? Why?
A: I liked the Mounted Police episode. I always wondered how long the training was for a mounted policemen? I’ve known a couple of ladies in the dressage community that were on a mounted patrol in denver:)

Thanks Shannon! Happy riding and best of luck!
~ Team HorseGirlTV®

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