HorseGirlTV is...

an USEF award-winning original web series focusing on the positive aspects of the equine industry, poised to lead and succeed in an increasingly more engaged, more connected new media environment. Our goal is to continually create unique, quality equine entertainment for the wireless generation!


From Sound Warehouse to California Cooperage, 2WIRE, Trans Am & Can Am race car driving, winning an Emmy award on the Daytona 500 CBS show to the "BRICK" design that won Best Industrial Design of the Year, and now on to "selling bugs" via the best biological fly control on the market (Fly Predators®), Tom Spalding has practically seen and done it all.


Angelea Kelly began working in new media at OpenDoor Networks and accepted a post university position at then start-up WebRing. After WebRing's acquistion by Yahoo, she began freelancing and traveled the world with her dachshund, Piccolo. Angelea founded HorseGirlTV in 2007. She is a USDF Gold Medalist training her last horse from an unbroken 4 year old to Grand Prix.

Very special individuals!..

It’s well-known most new media is largely produced by one man (or woman) bands yet those that are highly successful have top talents in collaboration + benevolent benefactors. This was the case with the original founding of HorseGirlTV in 2007 and even moreso today.

I’d like to send a special thanks to Tom Winsor and Larry Garner for brilliant networks and world class marketing, to Justin Tvedten, Technical Director, for without whom the high tech hardware and lighting design would not remotely be possible, to Brent Streeper, Editor Extraordinaire, who crafted the crazy, amazing, and fun HorseGirlTV Classics episodes, to Lauren Hoey for her make up artistry, AND to Piccolo (RIP my little BFF!) for without him my long days in front of the monitor writing/producing HorseGirlTV or our many travels together for HorseGirlTV in the last 10 years would have been dull and lonely! Cheers and thanks!

HorseGirlTV is proudly sponsored by Spalding Labs

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