Professional Groom Liv Gude

Liv Gude is a pro groom / terrific gal with “the funny name, a varied background, and who’s totally dedicated to the mission.” The mission? Liv is the founder and editor of Professional Equine Grooms… With her company she;

  • Educates anyone who wants to learn about what it takes to become a Professional Equine Groom.
  • Furthers the educations of Professional Equine Grooms.
  • Shares ideas, dilemmas, and concerns.
  • Brings pro grooms together as a community, to unify the job across all disciplines, and create a foundation of respect within the horse world.
  • Shares how top riders and Grooms care for their horses, so that every horse can have top notch care.

I got the chance to sit down with her and talk tips, tricks, and top grooms’ secrets! My interview with Liv will be featured in an upcoming segment of HorseGirlTV LIVE! Like the HorseGirlTV Facebook Page so you know when it’s coming and don’t miss out!

About Liv Gude
Professional Groom Blogger: Liv Gude… “Funny name, varied background, and totally dedicated to the mission.” Is how Liv describes herself and it’s true!

She has ridden horses of all shapes, sizes, disciplines since childhood. Her primary focus was on hunters through her teen years. She explored the western disciplines during college, rode cutters and reiners, and all the while worked as a Veterinary Technician.

After her undergraduate years, she started climbing the corporate ladder in the architecture and construction industry. She then purchased a young horse to train, which rekindled her interest in learning all she could about horses. After leaving the corporate world to focus on her Master’s degree, she taught english and western lessons.

A chance encounter lead her to the barn of a three time Olympian and she began her education as a Professional Groom. Years later, she took the opportunity to work with another Olympian to design, project manage, and remodel a farm, barn, and house. Liv says her personal horses have served as her “models” and guinea pigs throughout her website.

Now she enjoy serving other via her wildly popular blog Pro Equine Grooms.


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