Write On And Ride On Award-Winning Author
Connie Johnson Hambley

Connie Johnson Hambley is a mainstream thriller author.

Angelea Kelly hosts award-winning author Connie Johnson Hambley, we answer more HorseGirl Mail, introduce a new segment Bits n Bytes (thanks Staller) + a fun HorseGirlTV Classic with the fabulous Ms. Jessica Burkhart! DRAG PROGRESS BAR TO 8:11 to start the actual show straight away. We had issues with the countdown graphic.

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A giant shout out and thanks to the amazing easy to use biological fly control company, SpaldingFlyPredators.com! We’ve been using them at the farm since 2012 and they really work. No flies!


Episode credits
“Write On And Ride On Award-Winning Author Connie Johnson Hambley”
SpaldingFlyPredators.com presents
HorseGirlTV with Angelea Kelly

Director, Angelea Kelly
Set Designer, Angelea Kelly
Producer, Angelea Kelly
Writer, Angelea Kelly
Executive Producers, Tom Spalding & Angelea Kelly
Host, Angelea Kelly
Guest, Connie Johnson Hambley, HorseGirlTV Classic Jessica Burkhart
Editor, Angelea Kelly
Key Grip, Angelea Kelly
Wardrobe, Animo USA / The Animo Experience.com

Also special thanks to SpaldingFlyPredators.com, Angelea.com, ConnieJohnsonHambley.com, USanimo.com

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