Hobbyhorse, Friesians, & Gypsy Vanner Horses

Leg Up On Hobbyhorse Riding, Discover Friesians Of Majesty, & HorseGirl Mailed Gypsy Vanners

Meet Finnish Hobbyhorse Dressage Champion Ada, learn about the majesty of the Friesian Horse with Robert Labrie, and thanks to Rudy Townsend for her HorseGirl Mail question on Gypsy Vanner Horses, all in this episode of HorseGirlTV with Angelea Kelly!

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Competitive Hobbyhorse Riding in Finland

Riding a hobbyhorse? Yes hobbyhorse riding is a fast growing, organized sport in Finland. Hobbyhorse riders compete in equestrian show jumping and dressage while riding horses on a stick. The “mane” event this year took place in a packed sports hall, attracting over 1,000 spectators with over 200 hobbyhorse competitors. Most riders were girls aged between 10-18 who competed in simulated traditional equestrian event.


Friesians of Majesty

Friesians of Majesty is home to award winning Othello and Mathijs. They are located in the heart of Vermont’s Green Mountains on a 650-acre full-service breeding and training facility. Friesians of Majesty is the largest Friesian breeding farm in the United States and the only farm of its kind in Vermont to offer unique equine experiences for the horse enthusiast. They offer horse sales, breeding, camps, horse training, riding and driving lessons, special performances, getaway trips, horse carriage limousine services, and sleigh rides. Friesians of Majesty is devoted to the promotion and development of the Friesian and Friesian crosses as modern sporthorses.

Learn more about Friesians of Majesty on their website FriesiansOfMajesty.com.





WIN SeeHorse Wearable Tech Device Valued At $500

In our previous episode, Angelea interviewed Jessica Roberts of SeeHorse remotely in Canada. SeeHorse is an amazing new wearable tech for horses used to track vitals like temperature, heartrate, respiration, and general riding activities such as steps taken or distance traveled. With the mindset that we are all horse lovers, this bleeding edge company has taken the reins in high tech equine monitoring and alerts. You can WIN the SeeHorse unit, valued at $500, that was featured on HorseGirlTV! Simply type in the comments at the bottom ↓ of this page how you feel it would benefit you, your horse, and your training program! We’ll draw a winner to be announced in the next episode!

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Episode Name: Competitive Hobbyhorse Dressage Champion, Friesians of Majesty, Gypsy Vanner Horses
Speakers Names: Angelea Kelly (Host) and Ada, Robert (Interviewees)

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  • So excited about giving this $500 SeeHorse wearable tech unit away! Just comment how you feel it would benefit you, your horse, and your training program! We’ll draw a winner to be announced in the next episode! Cheers! -Angelea

    • I am excited to test this new product and share my findings with my fellow riders who enjoy competitive trail riding, cross county, jumping and dressage. Monitoring a horses condition especially in training and competition is so very important.

  • Hi Angelea,

    The SeeHorse would really help my rescued Thoroughbred as I retrain him this summer. Will is 19 years old and sensitive to heat and humidity. The SeeHorse would allow me to monitor his vitals and make sure he is working in a safe zone for his condition.

    Thank you!

  • Would love to win the SeeHorse unit. Would help me compare steps taken to distance in my young horse to see changes in her gait and stride length. Would also help me get my older gelding back in shape.

  • This tech monitor sounds like an awesome tool to get the maximum effort with monitored vitals from my four-legged babies. The heat here in Texas requires a close eye be kept during any workouts or even a pleasurable ride. The health and well-being of my horses is first and foremost. Susan Fore

  • Our training clinics and demonstrations at Indian Creek Arena (private) in Midlothian, Texas, have been attended by up to over 100 registered guests. The goal was is to teach less stressful training and riding methods. Madison (Mustang Maddy) Shambaugh developed her first Liberty Method trained 2017 Mustang Magic winner, “Cinderella” bridle less Amira, at this facility. We would love to demonstrate the fabulous technology of SeeHorse at all our clinics and demonstrations. For the good of the horses!

  • I think this would be a great tool for all three of our horses. We have two teenage horses that we take out on the trails and it would be great to know how far we’ve gone, and how they are doing. For our older, retired horse it would be good to keep a close eye on his vitals and his activity level both in pasture and in the paddock. Plus my husband is kind of a gadget geek. I’m sure he would love something like this!

  • The Seahorse would benefit my Halflinger’s. They tend to gain weight easily over the winter and into the spring.
    The Seahorse would help with their vitals while getting them in shape!

  • I could really use the Seahorse monitoring device on my Competitive Trail Rides. Sometimes I feel Kansas is dragging but he may just be tricking me so he can grab some grass along the way. Besides monitoring his fitness I would like to know how many steps we’ve taken.

  • SeeHorse would be a great benefit to my trail riding Hackney Horse, as well as my 29 year old Arabian. I use a Fitbit, and this seems like the horse equivalent of that. Great idea!

  • I would love to win the SeeHorse wearable tech unit for our horses. Our warmblood is a little chubby and we worry about his fitness level and weight loss. It would be awesome to have real data to track his vitals and measure his progress. Our OTTB gets winded and it would be so helpful to track his vitals to make sure his work outs are beneficial for him. He has a heart of gold and this would insure that he’s not over doing it. We have a retired mare that would benefit also. She’s 20 and I want her to get some exercise, but not push her too hard. My husband would love it too and we need all the help we can get to involve him with our daughter’s riding. ?

  • This SeeHorse Wearable Tech Device sounds wonderful for this time of year when we are getting our hoses legged up for our horse camping trips. Awesome tool. Yvette

  • I have four horses, and no one to ride with. I find that I shy away from training and riding because of this. Being able to see what I have worked on and to see my progress would be amazingly helpful. Almost like having a close friend critique you and help you progress.

  • We just bred our sweet mare and this tool would allow us to keep an eye on her both during her pregnancy and at birth! We’ve been through good and bad experiences – we lost one of our goat mama’s this year – and the peace of mind this would bring for both mom and baby would be tremendous!

  • My “sport” (with my Haflinger) is competitive trail driving. It is very similar to competitive trail riding, where you follow a marked trail for 10 miles or more (up to 25-30 for driving) and are judged on how close your “trip” time was to optimal time (generally calculated based on about a 6 MPH speed) and pulse and respiration recovery at the end, taken 15 minutes after getting back and general soundness and “lack” of fatigue after completing the trip (vet check and trot out). I could really use a SeeHorse wearable tech unit to monitor her training as she tends to “lie” to me regarding her fatigue level and how hard she is working at the moment.

  • This looks like an amazing tool! My endurance horse is rehabbing from a torn ligament and I would love to be able to monitor him more closely. We are taking things extremely slow and cautiously increasing our work, but I would love to be able to track his stress level more closely. The Seehorse product would help us do just that! Thank you for this opportunity !

  • I would love to have a SeeHorse. I live 35 miles from the nearest Vet and this tool would help me monitor my guy until the Vet arrives.

  • I have a horse that was abused and now has anxiety issues. Having a SeeHorse would help greatly to see things that are causing him stress and try to eliminate them.

  • Oops ? I may have replied in the wrong place so here I go again. I would love to test this new device and share my findings with my fellow riders who enjoy competitive trail riding, cross country, jumping and Dressage. Monitoring a horse’s condition during training and competition is so very important and informative. Thank for letting me enter.

  • My horses have become out of shape since we have stopped field trialing..Recently started all of us on program to lose weight and get in shape. This would be awesome to track our progress!

  • I believe the Seehorse would be of great benefit when we go trail riding. My husband’s favorite trail horse is a 20 year old Paso Fino and riding in Kansas and Missouri with the heat and humidity in summer is a cause for concern. The Seehorse would enable us to constantly monitor his (the Paso Fino’s) condition as we ride. It might serve as a reminder to check the younger horses and ourselves as well. We are both 79 years young and still enjoy riding our smooth gaited Pasos!

  • I would like to have the Seehorse device to monitor the condition of our 20 year old Paso Fino gelding as we trail ride in Kansas and Missouri with the summer heat and humidity. It would be a great way to make sure he is okay as well as remind us to check the younger horses and the riders. My husband and I are 79 years old and still enjoy riding our smooth Pasos!

  • I have just started back to competing in eventing after raising my children and this would be wounderful to help with making sure my horses are well conditioned. I am also hoping to qualify for. 3 day novice event with roads and tracks and steeple chase this would beperfect!!

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