Worth One’s Salt At Redmond Equine

Salt, naturally with Mike Mumford of Redmond Equine then
Flashback with HorseGirlTV Classic to 1st Lt Stacey Collins of the US Park Police!

Angelea learns all about real salt plus we flash back to the United States Park Police interview in this HorseGirlTV Classic!

Watch new live episodes every other Tuesday at 3pm eastern on facebook.com/HorseGirlTV/ and, in addition, on VOD, video on demand, here! Thanks to the amazing easy to use biological fly control company, SpaldingFlyPredators.com! We’ve been using them at the farm since 2012. They really work!

Redmond Equine
When it comes to horse health, Redmond Equine believes nature has it right. Redmond Rock is the perfect way to satisfy your horse’s instinct for natural salt and minerals — more than sixty minerals just the way nature made them, with a taste your horse will love. Redmond products are mined in America!


SpaldingFlyPredators.com presents
HorseGirlTV with Angelea Kelly

Director, Angelea Kelly
Producer, Angelea Kelly
Writer, Angelea Kelly
Executive Producer, Tom Spalding & Angelea Kelly
Host, Angelea Kelly
Guests, Mike Mumford & 1st Lt. Stacey Collins, US Park Police

Special thanks to SpaldingFlyPredators.com, Angelea.com, Redmond Equine

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