Get Untacked with Tommie Turvey
Movie Star, Horseman, Stuntman, Thrill Seeker!

Tommie Turvey is Master Horse Trainer.

Tommie Turvey has worked in all fields of the equine entertainment industry. Tommie has trained and provided stunt horses for award-winning feature films like; Batman The Dark Knight, Selma 2015, The Walking Dead, Horse Trainer for the #1 Superbowl Commercial of all time. Brotherhood, Dressage Shows, Jumping and Eventing Competitions, The Washington International Horse Show, State Fairs, County Fairs, Circuses, Dinner Theaters (Medieval Times, Buffalo Bills, Arabian Nights), PRCA Rodeos (including Two Time Act of the Year at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas).

“Tommie Turvey is a true Artist with his love of horses, he creates Magic, Imagination and Inspiration.” -William Shatner

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Episode credits
“HorseGirlTV LIVE with Tommie Turvey” presents
HorseGirlTV with Angelea Kelly
Director, Angelea Kelly
Set Designer, Angelea Kelly
Producer, Angelea Kelly
Writer, Angelea Kelly
Executive Producers, Tom Spalding & Angelea Kelly
Host, Angelea Kelly
Guest, Tommie Turvey
Director of Photography, Justin Tvedten
Video Control Operator, Michael Rand
Editor, Angelea Kelly
Best Boy (Girl), Amy MacNeill Rickey
Key Grip, Angelea Kelly
Wardrobe, Animo USA / The Animo

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