Inside Stübben North America is US Equestrian Federation Award-Winner for Pegasus Best Broadcast Media! Enjoy!

Hey there! Angelea here!.. Quite a few years ago, I traveled to Troy, Virginia to interview Jim Ehrmann of Stübeen North America! My Director of Photography cancelled morning of so gear and Piccolo in tow I struck out to be not only in front of but behind the camera as well on this one. One person in 2 places at the same time you say? Sure… As a result, I was so attached to this content I edited the rough cut myself before handing off to the long time HorseGirlTV editor extraordinaire, Brent Streeper. Brent polished it up with color correction, a terrific animation, and compressions. So long story longer, I was immensely honored to find out it had been selected by the United States Equestrian Federation as their Best Broadcast Media in the annual Pegasus Awards!

The history of Stübben is based on a family tradition. Founded in 1894, it reflects the diversity and individuality of the European continent and of European culture. The company has survived traumatic events, including two world wars, and has grown to worldwide recognition. Step inside Stübeen North America offices and meet Chief Saddle Guy, Jim Ehrmann. In this episode we talk saddles, construction, fit, and finding the perfect seat for you!

I hope you enjoy watching this classic HorseGirlTV episode as much as I enjoyed producing it. You can learn more about Stübben North America and the awesome folks there on their website at

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