Celebrating 125 Years with W.F. Young Absorbine

HorseGirlTV® premieres in the form of a LIVE web series with Digital Communications Manager of Absorbine, Sean Black. Original host and founder, Angelea Kelly, returns to the series.

So… you can hence watch new live episodes every other Tuesday at 3pm eastern on facebook.com/HorseGirlTV/ and, in addition, on VOD, video on demand, here! A giant shout out and thanks Absorbine AND to the amazing easy to use biological fly control company, SpaldingFlyPredators.com! We’ve been using them at the farm since 2012 and they really work. No flies!

History of W.F. Young Absorbine

The Absorbine® story begins in late 19th century New England. Mary Ida Young cared for the horses that were essential to her husband’s freight business, and was also an herbalist and avid gardener. Those skills proved valuable hence she set out to find an alternative to the common, harsh practice of “blistering” lame horses. Knowing there had to be another and better way, she developed a special blend of herbs into an essential oils tincture designed to increase blood flow and speed healing. Using knowledge he gained working part time for a pharmacist, Wilbur rounded out the formula with a few more natural ingredients and the result of their teamwork became the Absorbine Veterinary Liniment that’s been helping people care for their horses for the past 125 years.



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Episode Name: Celebrating 125 Years with W.F. Young Absorbine
Speakers Names: Angelea Kelly (Host) and Sean Black (Interviewee)

Angelea: Hi today we are talking with Digital Communications Manager of W.F. Young
Sean: Thanks Angelea it’s a real honor to be here
Angelea: It’s a pleasure to have you here on our first live show. So this year you guys are celebrating 125th year anniversary. Tell me a little bit about that.
Sean: Yeah, so we thought that probably doesn’t happen very often with companies nowadays…
Angelea: No! [laughter]
Sean: and I thought we’d take the opportunity to, you know, think about and celebrate it a little bit so it was 1892 when my great-great grandparents invented the Absorbine Liniment.
Angelea: Oh we have one of those with a special little hangtag for the 125th year anniversary!
Sean: That’s it yeah so as you know it’s a medicinal herbal topical liniment for horses, helps to relieve pain and inflammation, arthritis pain, helps them warm up before and after workouts, can be turned into a body wash after workouts, it’s even a hoof disinfectant so…
Angelea: Everything.
Sean: Everything, yeah.
Angelea: So you are a Digital Communications Manager for how long was it the last six years?
Sean: Yeah I’ve been with the company over six years now.
Angelea: So with everything changing Digital Communications Manager is coming into play how has the company changed with you coming with you coming on and with the internet exploding and everything that you do for the company now?
Sean: So when I first came on we weren’t doing too much online as far as you know reaching our customers and talking to our customers. It’s been an incredible journey just being able to connect with people and get really really gritty with customer service, and…
Angelea: Because you’re like firing back and forth with people online through social.
Sean: I try. I think we as a team try to get back to people as quickly as possible. And you know we have just incredible fans who follow Absorbine are highly intelligent, knowledgeable, passionate horse people.
Angelea: Speaking of passion we have a clip that you did. Let me prep this just a little bit for you: you guys had an amazing film crew out to your farm. Tell me a little bit about it and then we’ll roll that clip.
Sean: Okay, so just briefly, Active Interest Media is the parent company of some of the big magazines that your fans probably know like Equus, Horse & Rider…
Angelea: All the big magazines.
Sean: and they recently merged with Warren Miller studios…
Angelea: Which is a crazy amazing production company!
Sean: Yeah they’re really known for action sports and skiing, they’ve been making ski movies forever and ever…
Angelea: for ages and ages.
Sean: just really fun style, really creative folks. So now they’re Active Interest Studios and they actually came to my mom’s farm and we got some family members together and some of my co-workers and we shot a movie.
Angelea: So you had some fun.
Sean: Yeah.
Angelea: So let’s roll that clip here so we can watch this absorbing value segment please.
[Absorbing video starts]
Jamie Young – The people that are working at the company, especially right now are all dog lovers, cat lovers, and horse lovers, it’s just who they are. And with every product that they develop what they want for their own animal they want for everybody else’s animal. When I was very sick I was in chemo and I wasn’t supposed to be in the barn at all but I had to see my horse. And it was a big horse, it was a Percheron, he put his nose next to me and just stayed there and breathed next to me for half an hour to breathe life into me. I carried that with me and what he gave me. We nurture the animals and then the animals nurture us.
Sean Black – We care a lot about animals and their well=being and I think that plays through every single aspect of the company.
Jessica Young – There’s true care and compassion for our pets and our animals; they’re part of our lives, they’re part of our families that compassion comes from a connection that we have with our animals. All of us really deeply connect with animals; it’s the best feeling in the whole world.
Man 1 – Trust is a really important factor, especially when you’re dealing with someone’s beloved animal. We’re known as the horse world’s most trusted name, but if you’re going to say that you better be it.
Man 2 – There’s just a deep-hearted love for dogs, cats, horses you name it really
Man 3 – I wake up every day knowing that I’m going to work for a company that supplies products that make animals happy and live longer; it doesn’t get any better than that.
All together – My name is Jamie Young, Sean Black, Tyler Young, Barbara Young, Jamie McKinley, Jessie Young, Tyler Young, Jane Young
Jessie Young – I’m a fifth generation
Tyler Young – Fifth generation
Barbara Young – Third generation
Tyler Young – Fourth generation
All together – Fifth generation… Fourth generation… Fifth generation family member and I’m very proud to continue the legacy of compassion here at W.F. Young.
[Video ends, back to Angelea and Sean]
Angelea: So I forgot to mention that you should probably have grabbed a box of tissue before you watch that.
Sean: [laughing] sorry for no warning.
Angelea: Yeah there’s no warning when I watched that the first time Sean! So those guys came out, you guys shot that. The lady in the video talking about the Percheron, that’s your mom?
Sean: It is, yeah. Jamie Young
Angelea: So she seems like a pretty amazing and crazy interesting person. Talk a little bit about her.
Sean: Oh boy, yeah. She’s a lifelong horsewoman and artist and also works with the company…
Angelea: How long has she worked at Absorbine?
Sean: 40 years, since her mid 20’s she was testing out HoofFlex on our Percheron, Danny.
Angelea: Back in the day! Oh wow awesome! So family owned and operated obviously from that value segment, what’s it like being 125 years, you guys on your own, you know it’s a family with… what is that like on a daily basis? It has to get pretty interesting no?
Sean: It’s interesting you know, it’s exciting. I think we all share the same passion for the company which makes it easy to come into work every day and enjoy it and it’s nice that I can walk into my cousin, I have another cousin Jamie who’s not my mother obviously [laughter], I can walk into her office and just say whatever I want because she’s family you know. So we can just shuck and jive that way and it’s kind of special that way, and then when you add upon it all of the really really well-educated and talented people that we work with it just makes a great vibe.
Angelea: Nice. Well let’s see, let’s actually go to Facebook and actually see if there’s actually viewers for one, and then second let’s see if we’ve got some questions in here. Alright we haven’t done this yet… Oh there’s Sean!… Okay we don’t want to have that, okay cool. Alright so let’s see, Dawn Allen wants to know is Showsheen just for shows? Wait, and we have Showsheen here, where’s the Showsheen? [finds the Showsheen] Okay so it’s called Showsheen so Dawn wants to know is Showsheen just for shows?
Sean: We get that question a lot and no, definitely not.
Angelea: What can you use Showsheen for? I mean, I know what I use Showsheen for and it’s about a bajillion things, but what are the most common uses for Showsheen?
Sean: Well I think I’ll start with showing, I think it certainly keeps the mane and tail hair nice and flowy and really shines up the coat and puts some extra light on it…
Angelea: It’s like silk.
Sean: Like a silk kind of a look. But everyday use; it can cut your grooming time and just make grooming a lot easier, you can spray it on the legs before turning out in a muddy condition, it’ll help repel bugs or dirt.
Angelea: Oh I had not used it for that yet! Well there you go.
Sean: Even spraying it over the whole coat will help repel dust, and I think one of the biggest uses is actually detangling so you know if people get wind curls or…
Angelea: Did you bring detangler? It’s this adorable little gel
Sean: No, I don’t know if we brought the little guy. Right, it also comes in a gel form…
Angelea: It works great in human hair I must admit. At horse shows I’ve used it in a pinch
Sean: and I haven’t done this personally but I’ve heard you can possible make a slip n’ slide out of it
Angelea: Out of the gel?
Sean: No, out of the regular stuff.
Angelea: When you come back in spring or maybe summer when there’s not 22 inches of snow outside maybe we’ll try that?
Sean: yeah I think we should wait.
Angelea: yeah definitely not right now it’s pretty thick out there [laughter]. Wait so we have the other shows there’s another… because what I used it for was to get white stockings and white on Hansel’s forehead right there, the horse on the wall, I would use it to scrub his blaze. But you guys actually have the stain remover so this is like an addition to the signature searching, how is this one different?
Sean: So we basically took the Showsheen brand and extended it into this. We have Showsheen stain remover and whitener, we have like you said that ultra-concentrated detangler gel, and we also have a two-in-one shampoo, so it really just gives the horse lover a whole system that they can use from start to finish. And the whitener is incredible it’s non-bleeding so you’re not going to mess it up on colored if you’re going from white socks to a colored coat.
Angelea: Okay, and I won’t tell you how many years it’s been but I started using Showsheen when I was ten years old. So yeah, it’s been a few years, or decades possibly [laughter] Okay so let’s take another question. Let’s refresh and see what we have here…. Okay so Denise wants to know, can Absorbine be used under wraps? I’m guessing she’s talking about the veterinary liniment so I’ll pull that one up [gets out another bottle of liniment]
Sean: Okay that’s another great question. We usually say it’s just something to remember if you rub, don’t wrap.
Angelea: Oh that’s perfect! So if you rub…
Both – Don’t wrap.
Sean: Right. So it is a powerful medicine, it’s the topical analgesic, and when you rub it, it actually activates it on your skin a little bit more. So feel free to rub it in, it works really well that way, but then if you put a lot on and then you rub it into a horse’s leg, we recommend that you don’t wrap because both of those things can be activated a little bit more. It can get too hot for some horses.
Angelea: So you can just put it on the leg, and if you’re going to do standing wraps or something and put them in the stall you can just see that without giving it a nice rubbing?
Sean: Exactly. We say smooth it on; you rub it in but not rubbing it so you’re massaging it because it’ll activate it.
Angelea: I love this all year round, but especially in the summer when it’s just insanely hot to put it on their chest but then you get it on your hands, and you just feel like a million bucks because it’s so nice and warm, but not, it’s so cooling. So I think we have time, yeah let’s see if we have time if I can fix the audio in here, let’s see if we have time for one more question here. Oh, Dawn Allen says “We have more than one of your products on the shelf” so thanks to Dawn. Oh, and Denise. Let’s see, Dawn asked the Showsheen question so we’ll send you Showsheen, and Denise you asked about the Vet Lin, we will send you some Vet Lin. And we have a whole bunch of other stuff back here that we will give away after the show so you guys post comments below, if we answer your question we’ll send you stuff about the question we answered for you. Oh, Dawn also says “We’ll see the Bute-Less product, they can be used daily” is that true?
Sean: That’s right I actually did bring one of those.
Angelea: Oh yeah that’s right you do have Bute-Less
Sean: So yeah Bute-Less is a recovery and comfort support…
Angelea: So this is just like a daily supplement kind of thing?
Sean: Yeah, it’s affordable and it’s one of our fastest selling products actually.
Angelea: Nice! Well I think we’re probably sort of… we are on the internet where we’ll try to keep it below a two-hour show, maybe we’ll try to work in more questions next time, but I have the worst joke ever.
Sean: I’m ready.
Angelea: And I have two of them and I don’t know which one I don’t want to ask. Okay, why did the horse cross the road?
Sean: I don’t know Angelea, why did the horse cross the road?
Angelea: Because somebody yelled “Hey!”
[Horse sound effects]
Angelea: [Laughter] Isn’t that terrible?
Sean: [laughing] oh boy
Angelea: And I don’t know if this is going to be well received or if this is going to be a recurring thing on the show, but somebody said “you should do a worst joke every episode.” and I think that’s pretty bad.
Sean: Yeah, that qualifies
Angelea: You want to hear the next one just in case?
Sean: yeah
Angelea: What [laughs] what type of apples do horses like to eat?
Sean: All of them?
Angelea: McIntosh
Sean: why McIntosh?
Angelea: Apple Macintosh. Steve Jobs.
[Horse sound effects and laughter]
Angelea: see you didn’t even get it! It’s really bad
Sean: [laughing] I didn’t even get it
Angelea: Okay so now I guess we have to transition out of that somehow. Oh, by the way Happy Valentine’s Day!
Sean: Happy Valentine’s Day!
[High Five]
Angelea: We survived the first live show, we’re almost near the end I think, is that all we’re doing today? We had the amazing Sean Black and Pablo when I turn away, I had three wonderful gentlemen on my first segment Valentine’s day show, so I guess that’s it. Are we ready for our outro and then we’ll go have some cocktails this early in the morning right? [Both laugh] Maybe not.
Sean: [Proposing a toast] May all of your stablemate Valentine’s day wishes and your human Valentine’s day wishes come true.
Angelea: Cheers! I’m Angelea Kelly, this has been the first ever live episode of HorseGirlTV, and we will see you next time.
[Outro Plays]

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