Partnering With SmartPak Equine For An Awesome Giveaway

Years ago, I partnered on a giveaway with the awesome folks at SmartPak to discover what were the hot wish list items for that season THEN we gave them away to super cool HorseGirlTV fans!

We semi-partnered again about 8 years later this past holiday season and they contributed THREE really great items. The live show development took over everything in life and I dropped the ball on contacting people but the winners list has been published via my blog Winners Announced! Better Late Than Never! and I’m waiting to hear back from a couple of people still. If you entered… check the list and Contact Me if you’re on there so I can get you your prize!

It was great fun shooting this flashback episode and I look forward to doing some more fun giveaways throughout the year now that the live show is dialed in and we’re rolling along with the production! Good times!


About SmartPak Equine

SmartPak Equine was founded by riders and horse owners for riders and horse owners. We ride and show Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Polo, Equitation, Eventing, and Reining. We’ve logged many miles trail riding through New England’s rolling hills and the tough shrubs of Chaparral country. Our extended families include Hanoverians, Oldenburgs, Quarter Horses, Selle Français, Thoroughbreds, Lipizzans, Trakehners, Arabs, Morgans and Appaloosas. Horses, horse care and horsemanship are our passion.

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