No matter what you celebrate this winter season… me and HorseGirlTV are here to fill it with some cheery horsey gifts via the 12 Days of HorseGirlTV by GIVING AWAY $1100 worth of products! Entering is FREE & EASY + there’s THREE ways to enter! The contest starts NOW and the first name will be drawn on the 25th of December following a new winner each day. Check out the complete prize list below! The THREE ways to enter are at the bottom of this post! 🙂

A special thanks to the amazing people at Spalding Fly Predators for without whom HorseGirlTV would not be coming back as a LIVE studio series!

Happy Holidays from me and HorseGirlTV®! –Angelea Kelly

mousepad-finalOn the 1st Day of HorseGirlTV my true host gave to me…
An Official HorseGirlTV Mouse Pad!
(to be announced 25 December)
Keep your mouse rolling in style on our durable cloth top HorseGirlTV® mousepad. A great gift for geeks, gamers, or anyone with a computer. Rubber backing prevents the mousepad from sliding. Machine washable. All the kewl kids have one! MSRP $9.99

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Equibarre Fitness Workout Digital Download!
(to be announced 27 December)
Workout with the popular equibarre fitness video from your mobile device, computer or television in minutes with the equibarre fitness digital downloads! The equibarre workout is a ballet barre style workout focusing on enlongating muscles like that of a dancer while strengthing the core muscles so crucial to a riders good seat. Buy Yours Online – $14.99

travel-mugOn the 3rd Day of HorseGirlTV my true host gave to me…
An Official HorseGirlTV Travel Mug!
(to be announced 26 December)
Love style? Then drink this up, because our eye -catching ceramic tumbler is a work of art. Plus it’s also a workhorse — thanks to a solid design with steel inner-sleeve that’s ideal for hot or cold beverages. Holding a full 15 oz. and fitting into most vehicle’s cup holders (includes snap-tight lid), it’s also a great choice for travel. Ceramic outer shell, with stainless steel inner sleeve. Gasket-sealed lid, with snap tight closure. MSRP $19.99.

final-bboOn the 4th Day of HorseGirlTV my true host gave to me…
Bye Bye Odor 4 oz. Concentrate!
(to be announced 28 December)
Bye Bye Odor Concentrate is a safe and highly concentrated microbial solution that is capable of reducing or eliminating a wide range of organic odors associated with animal waste and urine. The microbes, when wet, consume or break down the urea and other organics that cause the unpleasant smell and unhealthy ammonia build up. Doesn’t just mask the odor, but eliminates it. Buy Yours Online – $19.95

final-dvd-equibarreOn the 5th Day of HorseGirlTV my true host gave to me…
Equibarre Fitness Workout DVD!
(to be announced 29 December)
Workout with equibarre DVD volume one! It is divided into six segments of warm up, conditioning and flexibility to allow you to customize your daily workout anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. This does not require any special gym equipment. It’s easy to follow and can be adjusted to all levels of athletic abilities. Riders of all disciplines can benefit from the equibarre workout! Buy Yours Online – 19.95

final-smartcookieOn the 6th Day of HorseGirlTV my true host gave to me…
SmartPak SmartCookies, TWO 1.5 lb. Bags!
(to be announced 30 December)
Treat your horse right with SmartPak’s exclusive SmartCookies! These treats have a healthy base of coconut meal, beet pulp, alfalfa, and flaxseed oil, and are available in two flavors your horse will love: ChiaMint and Guilt-Free Carrot Cake. The ChiaMint flavor features chia seeds and peppermint while the Guilt-Free Carrot Cake flavor includes carrots and cinnamon. Buy Yours Online – 19.95

final-piper-breechOn the 7th Day of HorseGirlTV my true host gave to me…
Piper Knee Patch Breeches by SmartPak!
(to be announced 31 December)
The Piper Knee Patch Breeches by SmartPak are the perfect choice for breeches to wear in the schooling ring. With many stylish color options to choose from, these breeches can be mixed and matched to create the perfect outfit. The ergonomic design and features make these breeches comfortable to wear all day long with excellent shape retention. Buy Yours Online – 79.95

final-neck-reinOn the 8th Day of HorseGirlTV my true host gave to me…
Autographed Tommie Turvey Neck Rein!
(to be announced 1 January)
Tommie Turvey’s rule is to use your tools so you don’t ever have to use them. This neck rein was created by Tommie to be able to work your horses without a bridle, bit, or tack. This use of pressure and the slight irritation of the horse hair is enough to communicate to your horse. This is a step in creating a wonderful connection with your horse in riding bridleless and neck reining. Neck Rein – $118.00, Autograph? – PRICELESS!

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Tucker Tweed Wellington Wristlet!
(to be announced 2 January)
Equestrian meets convenience, in classic Tucker Tweed style. The Wellington Wristlet pays tribute to the 12 week annual Winter Equestrian Festival, a destination for the world’s finest horses and riders. Complete in fine pebble-grain leather, this rider-requested style is available in 4 solid colors with contrast color accents and snaffle bit detail. Buy Yours Online – 119.00

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SmartPak Ultimate Turnout Sheet!
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Protect your horse from winter’s worst with the ultimate in turnout armor! The SmartPak Ultimate Turnout Sheet is their toughest waterproof blanket yet. This blanket features a heavy-duty nylon that resists rubs and tears, making it the ideal choice for a horse that is tough on blankets. SmartPak is so sure it will last for years to come that they’ve backed it with a 10-Year Indestructible Guarantee. Buy Yours Online – 179.95

final-fpAND on the 11th Day of HorseGirlTV my true host gave to me…
Season of Spalding Fly Predator + 1 Annual Magazine Subscription!
(to be announced 5 January)
Spalding Fly Predators are natural, organic, biological fly control that really works! Fly Predators kill flies before they emerge. You simply sprinkle them near all manure areas every three to four weeks during warm months. It just takes a few minutes and you’ve done your fly control for the month. Choose from Equus, Horse & Rider, OR, Practical Horseman. Get Yours Online NOW!

usanimo_saddlepad_bonnetOn the 12th Day of HorseGirlTV my true host gave to me…
$238 Package from US Animo Italia!
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The hottest line of Italian Equestrian, Golf, and Leisure time clothing is available in America from the USA based exclusive distributor for the imaginative and technically advanced ANIMO Italia! Winner of this will receive an official Animo Saddle Pad & Horse Bonnet valued at $138 PLUS 15% off any Animo breeches in stock AND a pair of Animo socks valued at $40! Shop US Animo Online

This give away is possible through the generous donations of some amazing companies with brilliant products and a contribution from me… Angelea. 🙂 It’s sooooo worth it to hear from really happy people when they’ve won! NOW!.. How to enter?


ONE: Make comment at the bottom of this page including your name, email (your email won’t be published but it’s how we’ll reach you to let you know you’ve won) telling us who you’d like to see interviewed or what topics you’d like featured on future HorseGirlTV episodes.

TWO: Make this post (info inside the quotes) on your Facebook profile tagging HorseGirlTV ( “I’m entered to win $1100 in prizes via 12 Days of @HorseGirlTV with Angelea Kelly at”

THREE: Via Twitter. Simply tweet – “#HappyHolidays I’m entered to win $1100 in prizes via 12 Days of @HorseGirlTV with @AngeleaKelly at”

That’s it! THREE opportunities to enter this great contest. THREE chances to win. All FREE and easy!


  • I’d like to see a horse started from the ground up. So for instance, from birth to like 2. I would like to see it all in a series, real time, which I think would be really cool and super helpful for those of us who don’t know a whole lot about what we are doin’ or maybe things we don’t know! Many Thanks

    • Thanks Lori! This is a great idea. Would take a couple of years obviously but perhaps there’s a way to do it at a large training stable across several different horses? Thanks again! Angelea

    • I love watching the gaited horses! I shot an episode years ago with Carson Kressley and got to ride a Saddlebred but that’s the closest to gaited I’ve gotten. Thanks again for the idea and for entering! Good luck! Angelea

  • We have rescued two American Curly Horses who have awesome gait. Growing up riding the three beat Gaits with QH and Paints this is a bit new. We would love to learn more about how to Ride Horses with Gaits and suggestions to bring out their Gait. I understand David Lichman is fabulous….

  • I cannot wait to see up coming episodes

    I would love to see tips on traveling with horses in hot weather.

    Additionally, i would love to see tips on rehabbing abused or neglected horses and the special care and training tips

    • Thanks Marsha! To enter here though please send any episode idea in a comment and it will get you entered! 🙂 Thanks again! Angelea

  • I would love to read an article about Cowboy Dressage and what the test entails. What are the best breeds of horses for Cowboy Dressage competition? Have any horses competed in both classic AND western dressage? I have included dressage training in my personal horse’s training for over 40 years and got some nasty comments from other boarders at my barn saying I should pick a riding style…not that I cared but who knew it would become a sport in the future? HA! I feel vindicated!!!

    • Can do! I’d already emailed Debbie with Eitan and had tentatively asked about taking up a little bit of their time to go over Cowboy Dressage. As a Dressage rider myself, I find the similarities quite interesting and would be fun to actually ride a Cowboy Dressage horse at some point too. Thanks for entering! Happy holidays and good luck!

    • Yes. Yes! and YES! Would love to make this happen! We are looking to shoot down in Wellington in March and I’ll definitely reach out and see if we can take up a few minutes of her time! Thanks for the entry and idea. Happy holidays, Angelea

    • Thanks Debbie. Can you tell me a little more about Kathy and what they do at Raising the Baar OR perhaps send a website link to me please? Thanks again, Angelea

  • I’m looking forward to watching the episodes this winter. I’d like to hear tips from older riders on preventing aches and pains.

    • Thanks Diana. We received one for Cowboy Dressage as well so perhaps a segment on the difference between the two? Excellent idea and thanks for entering. Angelea

    • Thanks Jeanne! I am a Dressage rider but have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and interviewing tons of great western peeps over the years. Thanks for the idea! Angelea

    • Yeah!!!! This is the 3rd request for gaited! Can’t definitely work this in. I’d really love learning more about them myself. Thanks and good luck! Angelea

  • I am a veterinarian and I use the fly predators for my two horse barn/pasture to help keep those pesky flies away. I have recommended them to my friends and clients. The horses are sprayed with insect repellent only when they are out of the barn and ready to go on a trail ride.

  • would like to see videos and slow motion video of the different gaited breeds performing their gaits. Especially Rocky Mountain’s and Missouri Fox Trotters. Also instruction on how to help get the horse to gait

  • I LOVE this product! I’m getting my step-daughter to subscribe to keep the flies away from her horse – I hope other boarders will join also!

  • Christmas greetings,
    A presentation about a horse’s leg care would be grand. A lot of horse owners are horseback riders in need of becoming horsemen. To learn about the who, what, where, why and when of leg bandages, leg wraps, use of the different kinds of support boots, liniments, what the liniment ingredients are and what they are intended to accomplish, etc., would be very informative.

    Thank you.

  • I would like to see something on how to start a mini under harness. I have a mini and would LOVE to do this however, I have no idea where to start. They are so cute and here in Ohio we have the nations biggest all horse parade. I would like to ride in it on either of my large horses and let my nephews little boy drive the mini!. That would be so cute….. plus he has no idea (the mini) that he is a horse and not a “people”!

  • I would enjoy hearing about more programs like ours, Kidznhorses Outreach. We pair kids who are suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, etc. with rescued horses. How do others make ends meet?

    Thank you

  • Greetings and I love the above ideas; one thing I think that gets overlooked is sometimes the basic care needs of the horse and do all the fancy supplements really make a difference or simply enhance the vitamins that are in the manure we pile up 🙂
    Highlight breeds of horses that are not as popular. Would love to learn more about the Canadian Horse.

  • I would like to learn more about “gentle training” (ie horse whispering). I would also like to learn more about how to best use fly predators in my pastures.

  • I’m always interested in learning all I can about holistic horse care and alternative methods such as chiropractic, acupuncture and acupressure, massage and energy work. Also supplements, what works and what doesn’t, what is worth the money. Some clinicians I enjoy are Daniel Stewart and Lynn Palm. Looking forward to your upcoming shows!

  • I would like to know more about riding barefoot or with boots , maybe do some interviews with with farriers and rider doing different types of riding that are going barefoot.

  • This is the first I have heard of Horse Girl TV, looking forward to hearing more!
    Love Fly Predators, use them every year! Tried to skip last year and didn’t make it very far
    without re-ordering….

  • I would love to learn more about chiropractic, massage, and the use of essential oils, and the benefits of each. Success stories! Thanks!

  • I’d love to see some older event riders interviewed . It would be great to hear how they have been able to keep competing as well as the changes, good and bad in the sport.
    Maybe someone like Jane Sleeper?

  • I love my fly predators! Especially since I have non-horsey neighbors.
    I would love to see David Lichman interviewed. He is not only a gaited horse expert but also great at teaching liberty. He has a lot to offer everyone.

  • I would love to learn more about Western Dressage from any professional. It seems to be taking the nation by storm and it looks so elegant and yet very western at the same time!!!

  • I used to ride, mostly in the backcountry. But now I drive. It would really be nice to see something about getting into Carriage /wagon driving. Some of us with back issues can still be active driving a little wagonette with a single horse. I love it and I’m sure many others might too. There’s just not much out there for the casual driver. Thanks

  • I’d love to see a show on what is being done to attract the next generation of riders. Another idea is the crossover between the digital age and riding (helpful apps, training games, is there a simulator for riding), etc…

  • The fly predators work great around my horse barn even with the neighbors having cows all around us. Looking forward to watching the Horse Girl

  • I absolutely love Fly Predators!!!! I have been using them for several years now and recommend them to everybody. My husband and I just purchased property where I can have my horses with me now. So excited!!!!

  • I am fairly new to Spalding (2 years) and plan to make my 1 horse barn a ‘No Fly Zone’, so far so good!! First time I’ve heard of Horse Girl, TV. Looking forward to learning more about Dressage, Trail and the Health of the horse. Thanks for sharing.

  • I used to order the fly predators from your competition, and did not have good luck in 2015 with them. Ordered from your company and what a difference! Your product is a quality one!

  • I would like to see an episode on shipping your horse. I shipped mine this past year, the first time, and it was a bad experience. I think if i had been more informed and educated it would have been a far easier move for my horse.

  • For that littlest horseygirl: Tips and fun tricks for the upcoming just beginning riders who love their horses and want to ride every day but don’t have a dispcipline picked out and just want to leg up and go. Maybe the best way or helpful hints for them connect to their horse.

  • I would like to learn more about training a show horse to become a trail horse companion. Also, all the ideas about learning more about the gaits of gaited horses as well as how to keep riding well as you age. Lots of great and exciting ideas that I will be looking for in the future!

  • I recently became “Mom” to a young miniature donkey. It’s hard to find information on the care, training and feeding of these personality packed little animals. Basically used as a companion animal to my quarter horses. I would love to learn more about them.

  • I would like to see some working ranch horse but natural training, not conventional. Also, safe trailering tips in all seasons and road conditions. Thanks so much!

  • I’m new to HorseGirl, but excited to hear and see more!
    I’d appreciate ideas on how to spend short amounts of time, effectively, with my horses, when weather is cold. We don’t have indoor facilities, so it really limits time spent. I
    ’bout freeze just getting them fed and basic care done.

  • I have a horse that is almost 3 and we just had her Broke. I would like to know tips on what to do next to continue to become safe to ride and how to teach her to learn more. She is a Buckskin and any special tips for that breed.

  • I too would like the low down on leg support items. Why do some use them on all legs and other just the front. I am talking about timed speed events, poles and barrels, etc. Also the importance of standing wraps and limaments over nite. Thanks

  • I would love to see an episode on how to build up your confidence once you’ve had a fall. Everyone has them and sometimes they can really shake you up! It’s a subject that no one ever wants to talk about – I guess no one wants to appear to be a big baby!

  • I would like to see some things you can still do with your horse when the doctor tells you that you can no longer ride. I have had back surgery and he is afraid that I might fall off and ruin the pins he has placed there.

  • An episode on the North American Trail Ride Conference would be very informative. Competitors are judged over two days of riding on horsemanship and teamwork with their horse, and the horses are judged on soundness and manner of going over the natural trail. Another great organization is Back Country Horsemen of America who work diligently to keep trails open across the nation for all horseback riders.

  • I would like to see more about starting horses into jumping. I am going to get back into Eventing and need to bring my 2 youngsters into the Eventing world, but they are greenies.

    I would also like to learn more about how to get young horses balanced at the canter.

    Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  • Paddock Paradise, John Jeavons I think? (Sorry, lent my copy again.) It is general health and natural foot care.
    Packing (specifically firewood, but anything would help really, because we’re in the East in an area with almost none to see, and few to learn from.) I have no idea how to fit a pack saddle of any type. Maybe that could be part of a working ranch episode?
    American Donkey and Mule Society or Meredith Hodges for long-ear know-how.
    I’ve always wondered how the horses that travel a LOT (Lippizaner Stallion show, circuses, clinicians that bring their horses along, any futurity or championship competitors, and of course the Olympians) are supported and transported as they move so often and so far.

  • I would like to see you feature professional females working with and around the horses such as veterinarians and farriers.

  • Would love to see articles on tips for handling hot Arabian horses. Every natural tip I have tried has failed. This horse is nippy, type A, hates the lunge line and refuses any attempt at free liberty training. Great under saddle, just seriously lacking ground manners.

  • Love Spalding Fly Predators, I didn’t know you were associated with Horsegirltv! Thank you for informing me! I’m a professional trainer in Ocala Fl. (Natural Horsemanship) and friends with Chantel Turvey who is a lovely individual. She’ll be helping with our first annual OTTB Makeover Expo here in March. We’ll be giving over 30k in cash and prizes away, maybe you’d like to cover some of that? Please let me know. Cheers and Merry Christmas!

  • I enjoy the ‘real deal’ the articles about real people and the trials and tribulations and rewards that come in real life. I have a small herd of 4 horses, a large pony and a burro. They make for an interesting pack of mates. It is interesting to watch the interactions between them and what happens when I take one or two out for a ride.

  • I would like to learn more about winter care for my horses.
    Thank you for HorseGirl. I’m excited to see what you have for the coming year.
    Merry Christmas and Blessings in the New Year

  • I would like to learn about how to teach young kids when they are first learning to ride. I learned as a kid then later found out as I was taking lessons that I was doing most things wrong. I would like to teach kids correctly from the beginning. Thanks

  • Love to have interviews with people who have never. Edited cared for a horse on their own and are starting up a small ranch to begin the adventure on their own. My husband and I bought land in mountains of VA and started out 40 acre place with three horses we had been boarding out for three years. I had never ridden and it involved a huge learning curve on proper food, feeding and water methods, blanketing, going barefoot, time outside, let alone building a barn, arena, fences, and roads. Also farm equipment! Feel like this could be a whole series! Thanks!

  • I would like to hear a top barrel racing competitor describe how they use their body into and through the turn around the barrels. Thank you.

  • I am being introduced to your program as a result of this contest. I think an excellent couple of persons to interview would be Pat and Linda Parelli. Their approach to horses is comprehensive/extensive. They are compassionate and personable in addition to exceptionally knowledgeable in many different disciplines. I look forward to becoming acquainted with you and your show!

  • I’d love to see a interview with regards to 2morSaver from Figuerola. I have a gray Austrian Warmblood with a large melanoma on his throat match area that I recently started on this all natrual supplement. Only found out about it from another horse owner when I was at the vet. Would be great to see it reach others who might be in the same boat of dealing with melanomas.

  • I agree with Kathy and would love to learn some confidence builders for getting back on after a fall. I’m in my 40’s and seemed to have lost my confidence.

  • I would l love some nutritional episodes! What supplements does your high performance horse really need, and what is just hype?

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