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5 April 2013 • Blogs, Featured

580X400-yr-fitnessMy name is Hope, and I’m a dressage rider and active user of the “equibarre” fitness program. I’ve only been using the DVD for less than two months, and I already love it! It is such an amazing experience you don’t want to miss, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

As a thirteen-year old lesson student with no horse, I’m constantly trying to find ways to stay connected to the horsey world and improve my riding skills. I train regularly in dressage, but one of my special talents is dressage seat equitation, which I’m always looking for ways to improve. When I learned about “equibarre” and HorseGirlTV, I immediately wanted to check it out. I purchased the DVD, and as I did the workouts, I began to really see the difference it made in my body. It seemed so different from any other workouts I’ve done that leave you tired, sweaty, and breathless; instead, it made me feel relaxed, strong, and fit. Plus, Angelea Kelly Walkup leads the workouts with such enthusiasm and strong guidance that it felt like I had my own personal trainer right there in my living room with me!

Fresh and new, the ballet-based workouts provide a fun, simple workout that you can fit in nearly any time of day. I’ll often pop the disc in my DVD player for a brief workout before a riding lesson, and I don’t even use a real ballet barre; my couch or chest-level chair work just fine! Each of the two workouts consist of warm-up, conditioning, and flexibility and both last a total of about twenty minutes. Workout 1 focuses more on standard strength exercises while Workout 2 adds some equally rewarding isolation drills, all based on ballet and all focused on strengthening the core and other riding-intensive muscles. The ballet-based exercises are fresh and unique, and I learn something new from them every time I do them. While I can’t pick a favorite workout, some of my favorite exercises include the releve (on raised foot) exercises and controlled kicks. The exercises on releve really warm up my legs and the kicks/leg raises always loosen up my hips, so those have to be my favorites.

Whether you’re a dedicated rider or even a non-rider fitness fan, I’d definitely recommend the “equibarre” fitness DVD for all your physical training needs. I’m sure you’ll have as rewarding an experience as I did, if not more. Just try it…you never know; you could even come out an even stronger and better rider than ever before.

Thanks Hope! We ♥ your review of equibarre! It’s now available in digital downloads for your computer or mobile devices! Buy now!

Watch the introduction online below.

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  1. Not sure about you, but gym membership is out of the financial question for me, after I pay my monthly horse fees and pay for my lessons. Furthermore, I fully believe that exercises done out of the saddle are crucial for optimizing my work in the saddle. Therefore, I rely on a variety of home workouts to help develop my core and to cross train.

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